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Our Vision

To be the best microfinance institution driving financial inclusion and economic independence.

Our Mission

To provide sustainable microfinance services using technology and excellent customer-centric solutions.

Our Drive

To transform millions of lives of Nigerians who lacking access to simple and formal financial services.

About Microcima Africa

Microcima Africa Limited is a fully Nigerian owned Investment Company registered with the Corporate Affair Commission (CAC). It has interests in diverse sectors of retail and social-inclusive businesses such as Microfinance Banking, Mobile Money Operations, Digital Finance, Financial Advisory services, Consulting, Business Innovation, Green Finance, Agricultural value Change linkage with a major bias for rural community economic inclusion through the use of flexible and simple technological solutions.

Microcima Africa strategic investments

Microcima Change Initiate for Economic Development (MCC) is a Non-governmental for-profit Microfinance Institution. The NGO MFI has a mandate to economically empower women at the base of the economic pyramid through a social business model in the class of Grammeen, Asa of Bangladesh, SKS of India, LAPO and Grooming of Nigeria. The MFI layers technology and fintech on its model to drive financial inclusion, mobile microfinance and economic inclusion. MCC positions itself as a principal player in the microfinance subsector in Nigeria, providing credible, economic, social inclusion services to support the development of entrepreneurship and empowerment of the economically disadvantaged, micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSME) across the country.

Microcima Farms initiates a number of essential schemes in the agricultural value chain with a view to assist smallholder farmers through application of simple innovations, linkages and adoption of global best practices with localized practical steps to increase agricultural production thereby contribute significantly to the overall agricultural development of Nigeria. Microcima Farms have commenced partnerships that have birthed the amalgamation of farmers into cooperatives that produce specific cash crops through the use of linkages that provide improved seedlings, pesticides, chemicals, farm implements, finance and off takers to guarantee a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Microcima Consulting is structured as an international social, economic, investment and financial inclusion consulting firm with promoters having more than 60 years combined work experience in driving inclusive development. Microcima Consulting provides 21st century services in management consulting, inclusive development, strategic financial management, responsible planning and budgeting as well as impact and social investment management among others. We have provided consulting services in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Netherlands in the area of:

We have provided consulting services in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Netherlands in the area of:

The Business principles of MCC allows it to provide financial services to women who are hitherto excluded from the formal financial services by providing them with funding options that enable them to become economically included thereby improving their businesses and enhancing their lifestyle.

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